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Hardy Owners Club (HOC) website privacy, terms and conditions policy.

By accessing the Hardy Owners Club (HOC) website you are agreeing to be bound by our website privacy, terms and conditions. If you do not agree then please immedately cease using this website.


1)  The Information we collect and why. Membership information records for the Hardy Owners Club are held by our Membership Secretary on a computer using only the information derived from that supplied by the member on the application form when joining, or subsequently, and is only that necessary to service your membership of the HOC. No other personal or marketing information is derived or held.

2)  How do we use your data. The HOC has a valid basis for the retention of this information to service your membership subscription to the HOC.  Access to and use of this information and the membership list is strictly limited to officers  of the HOC,  and is used only for communicating with members by post or e-mail, for access to our website, and (address information only) for the distribution of our publications, which may be undertaken by a contractor. It is not used or revealed for any other purpose whatsoever.  By providing this information and continuing to subscribe to the HOC you are confirming your consent to its use for this purpose.

3)  If you wish to have your data removed or changed. A Member may withdraw their consent to our use of their data at any time by contacting us. If you wish to make enquiries about the information held, request changes, or do not wish to make any or all of this information available, then please advise our  Membership Secretary  who will amend any of your records we hold.

4)  Protection of Personal Data. We use generally accepted standards of security and technology in order to protect personal data. We will take all reasonable care to protect and ensure the safety and security of any information you provide, but any data transmitted over the internet is never 100% secure, and we cannot therefore be responsible for its security, corruption or subsequent misuse.
Should any such known breach of data occur which might expose you to risk, we will promptly advise you of this.

5) How long do we keep information.  We will hold your personal data on our systems for as long as the member continues to renew their subscription. We will review this personal data annually to establish whether we still have a valid basis to process it.  If we decide that we do not , we will stop processing the members data but we will retain the data in an archived form in order to support queries and to be able to comply with any legal obligations.

6) Links to external websites. Upon following any links to external sites you will be leaving our website privacy, terms and conditions policies. We recommend you read and accept the policies and terms of those sites, because they will then apply.
The Hardy Owners Club and/or its Officers are unable to verify or be accountable for the policies, content or use of any website, pages or service linked to or from this site.

7) Cookies. The HOC website uses cookies solely to retain your log in details on your computer to enable access to the Message Board and Members pages for this and future visits, and until you log out. Logging out at the end of a browsing session will delete your HOC website cookie. You will be unable to log in to our website correctly if cookies are disabled on your computer.

8) Communications. The Hardy Owners Club may use Members contact data to communicate with you by e-mail or by other means to advise you regarding the administration of the club, of events and meetings, and of other club items which may be relevant to boating. Your contact data will not be made available or used for any other purpose whatsoever.
At any time you may redact your agreement to this use by contacting  our  Membership Secretary

9)  Data Visibility Messages, contact information or images which you enter into or supply for our Message Board, Marine Market or Gallery pages are visible to ALL visitors to our website, and any such data you enter into or supply for these pages may be beyond the extent of our policies. Data entered into our Members Section is visible only to current members of the HOC.

The copyright of any images or content submitted or used on our site must be with the submitters.


Accuracy of Information

Every care has been taken to ensure that the information contained on this website is both accurate and up-to-date. However neither The Hardy Owners Club and/or its Officers can be held accountable to any person, organisation, or company for any consequential direct or indirect loss, damage, description, expenses or inconvenience incurred by dependence on any of the information on this website, in any HOC publication, or through any omission or errors, howsoever caused.

HOC Message Board

The HOC Message Board is provided on our site for the use and convenience of our members and visitors. However any views, opinions, advice or content expressed thereupon are not necessarily the views, opinions or advice of the Hardy Owners Club and/or its Officers and they cannot be held accountable for such views, opinions, advice or content. We reserve the right to edit or delete any entry.
Any messages, images or information entered by members on our Message Board are stored on the HOC server and  are visible to ALL visitors to our website.

HOC Social Members List and Message Board mailing list

Any page content entered onto these lists, which are stored on the HOC server, is entered, controlled and edited by the members themselves, and any entries may be added or deleted directly at any time  by the members themselves.


We do not verify and cannot accept liability for the contents or accuracy of any advertisement placed on this site or in our publications. Purchasers are advised to verify the title to any item offered for sale, and for the accuracy of its description. We advise appropriate professional advice relating to any transaction.


All the content of this website and 'The Hardy Owner' magazine remains with the Hardy Owners Club and reproduction of any part or whole is prohibited without permission of the Hardy Owners Club. 


We reserve the right to amend this Policy from time to time without prior notice. Members are advised to check our website (www.hardy-owner.org.uk) regularly for any amendments (but amendments will not be made retrospectively). We may be contacted by an e-mail to the Membership Secretary, or by using the current contact details published in our magazine, The Hardy Owner,
We will always comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when dealing with personal data. Further details on GDPR can be found at the website of the Information Commissioner (https://ico.org.uk/)   08/07/2017