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Membership information records for the Hardy Owners Club are held on a computer using information which is derived from that provided by the individual member on their application form when joining or subsequently. No other information is held. Your telephone number is only required to enable us to contact you and to be on the HOC membership list.  Any use of such information and the membership list is strictly limited to bona-fide members of the HOC,  for communicating with members, the distribution of our publications and for access to our website. It is not used for any other purpose whatsoever. By supplying this information and continuing to subscribe to the HOC you are confirming your consent to its use for this purpose. If you do not wish your information to be held in this way, or if you do not wish to make any of this information available, then please advise our Membership Secretary.  However any data transmitted over the internet is never 100% secure and we cannot therefore be responsible for its security, corruption or subsequent misuse.


Every care has been taken to ensure that the information contained on this website is both accurate and up-to-date. However neither The Hardy Owners Club or its Officers can be held accountable to any person, party, organisation, or company for loss, damage, description or inconvenience incurred by dependence on the information contained in this website, in any HOC publication, or through any omission or errors, howsoever caused.

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The Hardy Owners Club or its Officers are unable to verify or be accountable for the content of any website, pages or service linked to or from this site.


The HOC website uses cookies solely to retain your log in details on your computer to enable access to the Message Board and Members pages for this and future visits, and until you log out. Logging out at the end of a browsing session will delete the HOC website cookie. You will be unable to log in to our website correctly if cookies are disabled on your computer.

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The HOC Message Board is provided on our site for the use and convenience of our members and visitors. However any views, opinions or content expressed thereupon are not necessarily the views or opinions of the Hardy Owners Club or its Officers and they cannot be held accountable for such views, opinions or content.


Purchasers are advised to verify the title to any item offered for sale, and for the accuracy of its description