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Posted by member Pieter Kalkman on Saturday 2 March 2024

Hello Collin, thank you very much for your response I think you are right and the cause is in condensation at the engine .
We have fully checked the bottom and deck but found nothing , we have treated the deck 3 times with a 2 component epoxy paint . I am going to take measures and insulate the engine room properly and maybe ventilate the air cabinets .

Thanks again for your response ,
Best regards Piet .

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Posted by member colin on Thursday 29 February 2024

Hi Pieter, thanks for clarifying, sounds a lot for condensation although doubtless they are in the vicinity of your boats engines which will be a source of heat! One would think the foam lining to these areas would help to insulate against cold surfaces and condensation.

Is your boat on the sea or fresh water?

Is the water in the spaces clear or tainted? if its briney and your mooring is on the sea, then you may have a leaking hull gland or similar? (and no - dont try tasting it - try other ways of determining it!)

If its clear, then you may have a leakage from deck fittings, does the problem exist during long dry spells? - if not then you could have leakage under heavy rain periods - it doesn't seem to have stopped raining here since September last year! Despite that, our little Hardy 18 MS (presently on the hard) has leaked in very little rainwater but as you know, where it can get in it will! (something of an irony as since we got the boat I have installed seperate bilge pump systems, one traditional manual and the other an automatic electric - haven't had any need to use them as we got such little water in over the winter, that despite the perpetual monsoon storms we have had! - North of England - say no more!)

Often I have used a water hose or jet to see if I can determine where a leak is getting in, this often makes it obvious where before it was not.

if it's tainted, then perhaps you have an engine coolant leak, I presume the spaces you are talking about are above the bilge level on your boat, usually water finds its way there.

One thing I have come to learn over many years of boats and buildings is that water usually finds it's way down, sometimes horizontally but not usually up unless it's pumped or under pressure, so often as with most problems, it's a process of elimination.

Is there any knowlegeable folk at or near your boat who could give some free advice perhaps?

Good luck with your problem!


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Posted by member piet kalkman on Thursday 29 February 2024

Hello, Thanks for the comments, I'll try to explain it better . In the stern of the Hardy there are 2 fully enclosed spaces on both sides, these serve as safety in case of sinking of the boat. These rooms are completely foamed with 2-component foam. Inexplicably, water still gets in. This is sometimes quite a lot up to 10 liters ? At first we also thought of condensation, but that's what it's a lot for? I hope someone can help me thanks in advance.

Thank you very much in advance for your comments, best regards Piet Kalkman.

(apologies for my English)

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Posted by member colin on Thursday 29 February 2024

Hi Tony and Pieter,

Tony, thanks for the translation, I also have no experience of the boat type and I am not sure of what Pieter means as 'Air box'.
Is this a reference to rear lockers or some form of Dorade box?

Could Pieter be describing moisture as opposed to water, could this be due to condensation caused by warmer moist air on a colder surface?


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Posted by member Tony Weald on Monday 19 February 2024

No experience with model or fault I'm afraid but see below google translation from Dutch. Thanks, Tony

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Posted by member Tony Weald on Monday 19 February 2024

Hello all ,

I have had a Hardy 24 for a number of years now and I have discovered that there is water in the air boxes on both sides of the aft deck, even though they are full of foam. There is no leak on deck or in the bottom.
Can anyone tell me why this happens, or does anyone have experience with this??

Very cordial in advance

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Posted by member Pieter Kalkman on Sunday 18 February 2024

Hallo Allemaal ,

Ik heb sinds een aantal jaren een Hardy 24 nu heb ik ontdekt dat er in de luchtkasten aan weerszijde van het achterdek water zit ondanks dat deze zijn vol geschuimd. Er is geen lek aan dek of in de bodem .
kan iemand mij vertellen hoe dit komt , of heeft iemand hier ervaring mee .??

Bij voorbaat heel hartelijk dank voor uw reactie.

Pieter Kalkman .

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