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Posted by member Angela on Monday 11 March 2024

Evening all

Apologies for the late reply - completely missed this.

I can certainly have a look at this, may take me a little time to think about the best way to do it so that it is fairly light touch to manage. Maybe forum 'sections' for specific models and as suggested keep it members only.

Angie (Membership secretary & Webmaster)

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Posted by member Katei D on Sunday 4 February 2024

Forgot to add- I further think it should be in Members Only section ????

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Posted by member Katei D on Sunday 4 February 2024

I think it’s a great idea! ????????

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Posted by member Duncan Ritchie on Saturday 3 February 2024

Many thanks for posting this Peter. I confess that I hesitated in doing so as I realised that time and effort would be required to facilitate this.

Had the website platform been Wordpress, I’d have happily taken on the 32 burden at least. If it is not possible within our existing framework, there are other potential ways to achieve it……but I’ll refrain from that pending comments from other members.

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Saturday 3 February 2024

There is an active informal email group of Hardy 32 owners where we exchange experiences, solutions and tips. The snag with it being an email group is that all the accumulated knowledge is not available to new 32 owners. I don't know whether there are similar email groups for other Hardy models, but they will suffer the same snag for new owners. When I had a 27, a fellow 27 owner, the late Steve Pickthall, was a fount of knowledge on 27s but all that has sadly been lost. A fellow 32 owner, Duncan, has suggested that the HOC website be expanded to have model-specific topic pages. Could our esteemed webmaster or anybody else care to comment?

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