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Message board > Engines > I am getting water splashed into my cabin from a 20 HP Tohatsu very badly. Can anyone help me??

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Posted by member colin on Wednesday 22 November 2023

Hi John,
Not too sure I understand what you mean, do you mean the outboard is mounted in a splashwell and when running you are getting water entering the cockpit area?
Having entered the cockpit area it's then getting into the cabin?

Do you run a bilge pump? I have installed two on our boat, a manual one and an auto electric one.

There could be a few possibilities, is the outboard leg length correct for your boat? there are 3 sizes of leg, is the leg the same length as the previous one fitted, if too short, you could be getting increased water cavitation and splashing in the splashwell which is then entering the cockpit?

Additionally, is the outboard prop size and pitch the correct one for your boat?

Is the replacement outboard/prop a match for the previous one fitted, if so, was there the same issues with that set up?

You don't say what type/size of boat you have, perhaps someone with the same type and size of boat could help you determine these matters.

We have a Hardy MS with transome mounted outboards, so doubt I can help further!

Hope you resolve your problem.


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Posted by member John Clark on Monday 20 November 2023

I recently bought a 20 HP Tohatsu outboard, To my concern there is a lot of water coming into the cabin if there is any swell from any direction. Can anyone ssuggest a fix?

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