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Posted by member Robert Green on Wednesday 17 January 2024

Thanks Simon

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Friday 24 November 2023

Hi Rob,
Wilks were the company Hardy Marine used when your boat was build, so I would give them a call and ask if they can supply a replacement rubber B fendering to you,

Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marin Employee 1983 to 1990.
P.S. you will need to heat the rubber fender in a bath of hot water to get it to go round the boat. Take it from me you will need it and two people to help you fit the new rubber fendering to the boat.

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Posted by member Robert Green on Monday 30 October 2023

* Hi,

I have just purchased a Hardy Fast fisher 24. I would like to replace the straking rubber B fender. Its approximately 16.5m in length and has a 60mm base. I've only managed to find suppliers with a maximum length of 15 metres and wondered if anyone new where I could purchase the correct straking rubber from?



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