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Posted by member Peter Cox on Saturday 30 December 2023

And a happy and gaseous 2024 to you too, Nick. The situation isn't 100% rosy; Calor will not be manufacturing any new 4.5 butanes, nor one particular propane (I can't remember which), but will refill empty ones that are in a usable condition or can be refurbished to be usable. However, ones that are beyond repair will be scrapped, so the stock will eventually diminish to zero. I bet Calor won't say how long this will take but they should know how many are in existence and how many they scrap every year. There are loads on Facebook Marketplace for £10 and upwards for empty ones, most of which are probably acceptable to Calor for re-use.

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Posted by member Nick Askham on Saturday 30 December 2023

Greetings one and all - the current situation regarding the supply of gas in 4.5kg cylinders now seems much more "rosy". Having recently seen a posting on one of the boating pages on Facebook regarding the seemingly doomed 4.5 cylinder, I telephoned Calor yesterday. The lady who answered confirmed that due to the overwhelming support for that size bottle, received from many of the boating and caravanning groups and individuals, they, Calor, have backtracked and are once again going to supply and refill the 4.5kg size gas bottles. She did say that due to initially getting enough bottles to refurbish and refill for part-exchanging for consumers that it would take a while, probably early summer, but eventually it should be "business as normal" ; let's hope that this is the end of that saga !!???

Ironically, having two of the 4.5 cylinders on my boat and one being empty, I took it to the tip, aka recycling centre, a week before Christmas. I'm planning on going back there next week and seeing if it's still there so that I can reclaim it. I suspect that if, indeed, it is still there that I'll have to "put my hand in my pocket" ; hey ho a "tip" for the recycling staff !!!

Regards to all and a Happy New Year - and a plentiful supply of gas for use onboard.

Nick Askham.

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Monday 6 November 2023

I'm told that PBO will carry a new article in February 2024.

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Monday 6 November 2023

The PBO article: https://www.pbo.co.uk/gear/calor-gas-alternatives-for-boat-owners-77076

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Posted by member Tony Weald on Sunday 5 November 2023

* Further to discussion on this subject please see article in Practical Boat Owner, October 23, pages 6 and 7.
Not much good news I'm afraid, however it did state that the Westerly Owners Association had surveyed their members and recommended writing to the Competition and Markets Authority.
Personally I feel this would have more traction coming from owners groups of affected boats, caravans and motor homes, rather than individuals.
Thanks, Tony

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Posted by member Nick Askham on Monday 30 October 2023

Hi Tony - many thanks for locating the earlier thread; I had searched the website before but obviously not thoroughly enough.
I had thought, and hoped, that the Flogas 4.5kg butane bottle was going to be an easy answer - how foolish of me !!! Reference to the Flogas website gives the following information :

"Currently we can only process orders for this gas bottle if you have an equivalent empty gas bottle to return".

In other words, "no Flogas cylinder, no gas!". I phoned Flogas this morning and was told, just as the website, that they will only do a refill and NOT sell any cylinders. I asked whether they were, like Calor, going to phase that size out but the person I spoke to was fairly non-committal or didn't know. I asked how one could thus proceed and where would one obtain a cylinder. His reply was that one should either search Flogas depots or look on places like eBay and Facebook marketplace; very reassuring. It seems a conundrum to say the least. With that information I am no further forward, so to speak.

Thank you also for your comments about alcohol stoves. I may well look into the Campingaz cylinders as well.

Regards and thanks, Nick.

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Posted by member Tony Weald on Monday 30 October 2023

Nick, found previous postings:
See Misc. Navigator gas bottle location, June 2023

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Posted by member Tony Weald on Sunday 29 October 2023

Hi Nick, in common with many owners we have the same issue with our Mariner gas locker, caused by the withdrawal of the 4.5 kg calor bottle.
There were earlier posts on this (under a different heading?) but I can't find at the moment.
I believe that the 3.9 kg Flogas might fit but haven't tried yet.
It was also suggested that main Calor gas depots might refill 4.5kg by appointment. Again not tried.
Years ago I had a twin burner alcohol stove. Bit of a faff starting, using heating cup of fluid around burner. The main issue then was getting the alcohol which I used to buy in France! May be different now.
Campinggaz type equipment has also been suggested.
Not much help, sorry, Tony

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Posted by member Nick Askham on Sunday 29 October 2023

Hello - the supply for the cooker on my Pilot is a 4.5kg butane Calor gas cylinder. As many know this size is being phased out by Calor. The 7kg bottle is considerably taller and probably won't fit in the gas locker. Flogas do a 4.5kg bottle though their website states that new bottles are currently unavailable; whether this means that they also intend to stop using that size I do not know. I wonder, therefore, if anyone has any more information on this topic.
I have thought about an alcohol stove but have no experience of them so more information would be good.
Hoping folk can shed some light on either of these two possibilities.
Regards and thanks, Nick.

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