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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Friday 24 November 2023

The diameter of the rope fenders we fitted at Hardy Marine was 72 mm for the smaller range of boat 537's Navigator's, Pilot, Bosun, The motorsailer 18 and 21's. The larger boats in the range such as the Hardy fishing 24, Hardy 25 the Hardy 33's in their different designs were 92 mm. Having worked for Hardy Marine when all these boat were build. They are the only two sizes of rope fender we ever fitted. There have been a few owners who have fitted 92mm to pilots but they did not fit very well when they should have fitted the original size to the boat.

I hope this answers the question as to which rope fender to get to fit your boats in the future.

Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine employee 1983 to 1990

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Posted by member Tony Weald on Thursday 23 November 2023

Hi Nick.
Checked the od of the Chatham rope walk supplied coir fender we have on our mariner.
Seems to be 4 inches, has been on a number of years and may have swollen.
Od of wire including plastic sleeving seems to be about 12mm.
Hope this is what you were after. Thanks Tony

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Posted by member Capricorn on Friday 17 November 2023

Hi, Nick, By the way, Rope Services recently told me that they do not offer the natural Coir fender rope, only the synthetic hemp rope. Whether they provide the the inner wire I do not know.
Try sscsystems.com (Tel: 01493 443380) They originally provided Hardy with rope fenders and can still provide either Coir and Synthetic rope including the inner wire already fitted as they still have the original Hardy boat fender measurements.

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Posted by member Nick Morgan on Wednesday 15 November 2023

Hello, I am having to replace my rope fender on my Mariner. Does anyone have an idea of the diameter I need to order. The core wire has breaks in the covering and many exposed sections of wire, all showing rust. I gather from this thread that Rope Services are able to replace the wire. My local riggers(Lymington) can't match the wire diameter.
Many thanks
Nick Morgan

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Posted by member Regent on Sunday 22 October 2023

It includes the wire. Regards, Martin.

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Posted by member Capricorn on Sunday 22 October 2023

Thanks Martin,
Is that with or without the internal wire fitted?

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Posted by member Regent on Saturday 21 October 2023

* I bought a replacement for my Pilot SE from Windboats/Hardy Marine in July 2019 for £447.72 including all fitting components and delivery. I have not yet fitted it but opened the package to measure the diameter for you. It appears to be 55mm (see image). In preparation for fitting, I also had new red meranti fender supports machined locally to me (Derbyshire). Hope this helps. Regards, Martin.

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Posted by member Capricorn on Friday 20 October 2023

I need to replace the coir rope fender on my pilot 20 SE and I read somewhere on this forum that the diameter of the coir rope for a Pilot 20 was 72mm. I have had a discussion with one of the long established rope makers who said he believed that the replacement coir rope diameter is 48mm and that may include the fitted wire.
I have asked him to double check, but can any one here who has had a coir fender rope renewed please give me some clarity on this.

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