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Posted by member Alan Skea on Monday 5 February 2024

The deadrise angle will vary throughout the length of the boat. Easy enoght to measure it at the point where you want to install the transducer with a spirit level and protractor. There is even an android app that can do this just using the phones sensors. Doesn't even need to be absolutely accurate.

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Posted by member Capricorn on Tuesday 9 January 2024

As a follow up, has no one here fitted an "in hull" transducer to their Hardy pilots?

I would like to fit it towards the front of the boat and until I have more information I am reluctant to purchase a transducer as I have been told the following:

IMPORTANT: To help ensure that you buy the right transducer ie the Airmar P79, your boats deadrise angle is needed to be known. The deadrise angle is the angle between the horizontal line of the water and your boat's hull. When buying a transducer we need to know whether the angle is between 0-7 degrees, 8-15 degrees or 16-24 degrees and whether or not it has a cored hull?

IMPORTANT: "In hull" transducers are not recommended for cored hulls. Fiberglass hull should be no more than 5/8-inch thick.

Comments welcomed.

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Posted by member Capricorn on Saturday 14 October 2023

* I am hoping to fit an Airmar P79 in hull transducer to my 1995 Pilot 20SE.
Can anyone tell me what the deadrise angle of the hull is please.

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