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Posted by member Robert Sneddon on Thursday 12 October 2023

Hi Tom
Meant to add that I found fitting the rope was quite straight forward. Get someone to help you.

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Posted by member Robert Sneddon on Thursday 12 October 2023

Hi Tom
Yes I've used this company twice. I assume it’s the same company at Houghton-le-Spring.
First rope for my Family Pilot was a natural one which lasted a reasonable time however I replaced it with a synthetic one which I perhaps should have done the first time.
I didn’t need a new wire rope so I just sent it to them to re use. If you need a new rope I believe there are companies around that can supply coated wire with a fitted eyelet which may be cheaper.
My price from memory was a bit less than what you’ve been quoted but it seems to be the way of things nowadays. My rope was a good price at the time in comparison to others.
Found them to be very helpful and always answered the phone if I needed to phone them.
Hope this helps

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Posted by member Tom Smith on Wednesday 11 October 2023

Hello all,

I have come across Rope services UK to supply my Hardy motorsailer with a new fender rope,

Has anyone bought through this company and is the price good? Has anyone had experience fitting?

The cost for re-roping is £385.00 plus VAT using your existing wire core.

If a new wire core is needed then the additional cost for this is
£110.00 plus VAT.

Thanks Tom

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