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Posted by member Michael Adams on Tuesday 3 October 2023

* Colin Thank you for your reply, after many hours of searching i found a picture (see attached ) of what i would like mine modified to ? So it uses the outboard tilt tube. Means cutting clearance holes in the splash well. I currently have just fitted a quick release clevis pin between the outboard and steering cable. So i can tilt the engine gets a bit greasy though. Something to sort over the winter. Mike

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Posted by member colin on Saturday 30 September 2023

Hi Mike,
Apologies if I have misunderstood this.(probably have!)

Sorry, I cannot help you with cable length, however a difference in 2 foot would appear quite large especially in a splash well scenario? The two end fix points being determined, the cable length needs to be correct surely!?

We have a Hardy 18 MS and the helm steering cable is connected to the OB, the tiller and rudder are 'free' and independent of this and I am trying to find a solution of 'marrying' the two together, (to assist reverse maneuvering in the confines of a marina) something on the lines of a stainless steel slave link rod. (modified as standard OB to OB link rods would be 200mm too short and may not be robust enough!)

The steering cable on ours exits the port side transom and loops around the rudder through a ball joint bracket to the linkage on the starboard mounted OB, itself mounted on a standard rising spring loaded bracket, so no splash well like you have on your motor boat.
One of the problems is, any tie link rod (drag link) I come up with will require it to be robust and demountable quickly and easily to allow the OB to be raised independently.(indeed none of this may be achievable or even practical?)

I came across these which appear to have the same thread as the steering cable end fitting (but this would need to be checked) which allow quick detachment of the cable and OB https://www.piratescave.co.uk/multiflex-ball-joint.html
These type of fittings are also available from other suppliers too and on the e-bay etc and are available both in plated and stainless steel type.

This allows for quick detachment of the steering cable from the OB, however I don't know if this would allow for clearance on the confines of a splashwell mount scenario.

Again, apologies if this doesn't help as our two problems, installations and solutions are completely different.


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Posted by member Mike Adams on Tuesday 26 September 2023

Has anybody replaced the steering cable on a Hardy pilot 20 as i would like to know the cable length used?. measures 13 feet, but was thinking of using 15 foot cable.
Currently the outboard steering uses the original splash well mount then attached to the outboard. Using this method the engine is very difficult to tilt. I would like to use the outboard tilt tube, but the splash well would need modifying to take the steering cable and the steering cable engine tie rod end?. The outboard is only 20HP so can not use hydraulic system ?

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