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Posted by member derek on Wednesday 2 June 2021

Thanks Clive, I've actually just bought a Pilot so will be asking lots of questions of experienced owners!

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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Wednesday 2 June 2021

Hi Derek,

Yes, they are the same. The Pilot 20 is a Hardy Family Pilot, and the next boat size up from the Navigator 18.

There is however as you may have discovered, a 'River Pilot'. This is slightly different from the standard Family Pilot, in that it was aimed at river usage, and has a set of doors to the wheelhouse. The construction, I believe was also sightly different, but they have been used at sea as well, though that was not their target usage. Minds greater than mine will be able to give you more information on any structural differences here, or you will find more information on this forum.

The Family Pilot 20 is a lovely boat to own if you are considering one.


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Posted by member derek on Wednesday 26 May 2021

I often see references to a Pilot 20 and also to a "Family" Pilot 20. Does the word Family mean a different version or are they one and the same?
Excuse my ignorance!

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