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Posted by member Andrew Down on Friday 8 October 2021


I'm looking to carry out a number of gelcoat repairs to the interior white wheelhouse mouldings on my Pilot (hull 1523). Does anyone know if the white is RAL9010 Pure White? Or has anyone ever matched the colour or knows what it is?

Many thanks

Andrew (Bonny)

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Posted by member Keith Lathwell on Tuesday 23 March 2021

Craig, you could get a colour chart from blue gee and select the best match to yours. Rgds Keith

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Posted by member Craig Smith on Monday 22 March 2021

Thank you Simon i will give them a try.

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Friday 19 March 2021

Hi Craig,

Scott Bader were the originally suppliers to Hardy Marine during the time your Hardy fisher 20 was built. I would contact them and ask if they have a supplier who can give you a small amount of the original colour gelcoat you-are looking for?


Simon Papendick
Former Hardy employee 1983 to 1990
Mobile 07534045729

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Posted by member Craig Smith on Friday 19 March 2021

Does anyone know what colour the wheelhouse is on a Hardy Fishing 20 only I am wanting to touch up some gel coat but there are so many whites

Oyster white
Matterhorn white
Snow White

Kind Regards


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