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Posted by member mike barlow on Friday 29 January 2021

Thanks Simon, that's a great help.

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Friday 29 January 2021

Hi Mike,
It depends where you intend to fit the transducer. The boats on the transom area of the boat were 8mm thick.Apart from the area round the outboard well which has a large pad of 25mm plywood for the outboard. the rest of the back of the boat is 8mm to 10 mm.


Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine employee 1983 to 1990

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Posted by member mike barlow on Thursday 28 January 2021

I've just ordered a new external transducer for my 86/87 family pilot and was wondering if anyone knows how thick the fibre glass is on the stern around the water level mark so that I don't use too long a screw when I attach it?


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