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Posted by member Anthony Weald on Wednesday 13 January 2021

Hi Bob. I can only partially help with your first question..
I have never actually measured the berth length, sorry. However we manage ok. I'm about 6 ft, wife somewhat shorter. There's a trotter box in the bow which needs to be raised to clear your feet. I have recently renovated the hinges/ latches to restore the height when raised. When we can travel I'll measure length. Thanks Tony

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Posted by member Bob Day on Wednesday 13 January 2021

I am in the process of selling my Hardy 20 and trying to buy something longer. One of the models I am considering is Hardy MARINER 25. As I am unable to view any boats due to the lockdown I wonder if any existing owners could answer a few questions to help me with my choices.
1. What length are the single berths/seats in the bow cabin.
2. What were the years of manufacture for this model.
3. Was the same stern tube/propellor fitted whatever the engine size or were they matched to engine size?
Thanks everybody for your help.

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