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Posted by member Anthony Weald on Saturday 19 December 2020

Just to close the loop on this. I failed to find any similar clips available commercially. I had no response from an email sent to an address for Windline I had from earlier.
I made a set of 4 (2, big and 2 small) from some 1.5 mm thick stainless scrap I had. I kept the dimensions in case anyone else needs to make some.
Thanks, Tony

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Posted by member Anthony Weald on Friday 4 December 2020

Duh. Cross drilling won't work as it would stop it telescoping!

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Posted by member Anthony Weald on Friday 4 December 2020

Hi there, has anyone got experience with these, please?
The rungs are kept in position when deployed by stainless steel "C" clips, 40 mm OD, 1.5 mm thick. As the ladder lives under the boarding platform it is subject to corrosion and the clips rust away. We now need to replace.
Does anyone have a source for these clips or has anyone developed a better, more robust solution? E.g. use external stainless circlips or fit a spring tension pin in a cross drilled hole.
Maybe I'll fit an anode to the ladder to extend clip life, although the ladder is never much used.
Thank you, Tony

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