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Posted by member george macdonald on Sunday 21 February 2021

So I got it sorted.
I used a small drill followed by a dremel bit to make a small slot (1.5 inch by 1/2 inch) on the inside of the hull right below the cleat mounting. This gave me just enough access to push the support plate back up and fit new lock nuts. My plan is to finish it off with resin inside the gap/void then a small fibreglass repair to close the hole. All of this is right up under the inner lip of the stern so its completely out of sight so if need be, the hole could be made much bigger.
Thanks very much for all your advice with this Simon.

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Saturday 13 February 2021

Hi George,

From memory the aft cleats on the Navigators were on a long steel plates which the machine screws were tapped into and with nyloc nuts for extra security.. If you tried to remove them unless they came out easily would strip the threads in the steel plates and the nyloc nuts have come clear of the fibreglass matt covering the nuts and are just rotating in the void. What some owners have asked me to do, is to remove the cleats by drilling out the head of the machine screws and lifting the cleat off cut the machine screws at deck level and move the cleat to a place where it can be through bolted then remove the remaining machine screws and Gelcoat over the original holes.
I hope this helps.

Kind Regards

Simon Papendick

P.S. you can contact me on my works mobile 07534045729, if you need to talk about the job.

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Posted by member george macdonald on Saturday 13 February 2021

Hi Simon, sorry for taking so long to reply, I have had a look and the holes for my cleats are definitely not accessible from under the rope fender.
Would you happen to know if the bolts were fixed into individual nuts or into a mounting plate? I'm going down to the boat shortly and had a thought that maybe I could use longer bolts.

I really don't want to cut into the hull so was wondering if there is any other way to secure the cleats if I cant use the original method? Would long screws and epoxy work or anything like that?


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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Saturday 14 November 2020

The aft cleats on a navigator are normally through bolted through the flange between the hull and deck moulding. So if you pull the rope fender down out of the way at the aft end of the rope fender below the cleats you should see the nuts which are on the underside of the flange. Otherwise they are between the deck and hull flanges and will not be able to get at without cutting the area where the two flanges meet.


Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine Employee 1983 to 1990

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Posted by member george macdonald on Saturday 14 November 2020

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a little advice, I removed my rear cleats while doing some work to the boat and I think I'm now in trouble. They were fixed on with m8 threaded screws which don't seem to want to tighten up again. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on refitting?
Many thanks.

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