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Posted by member Keith Lathwell on Friday 30 October 2020

most canal bridges I believe are curved brick structures. Fitting a flat roof in place of cambered one doesn't appear to help. I would suggest working out if it is feasible to add ballast to your boat before messing with the roof.
Rgds Keith

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Posted by member PETER STOCKLEY on Thursday 29 October 2020

Hi all, we are just starting to use our 194 to explore the canals. We would like to take the roof off it and fabricate a flat roof to lower the air draft for the lower canal bridges. How hard will this be, there are about 12 bolts on the roof and mastic to stick it on? Making a mould for the local fibreglasser will be a big job, depending on how good a shape I want. I think the boat will still be a couple of inches too wide for some northern canals.
All comments welcome. Peter

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