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Posted by member Mark Brammer on Saturday 17 October 2020

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your comments and I apologise for my late response. I will look at what you suggest and having driven a powerful rib fitted with hydraulic steering it does seem the answer. I also have 5 months to get this job and a few others I will need to press on :-)



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Posted by member Steve Hogwood on Monday 12 October 2020

Hi Mark, i was looking on internet re hydraulic steering myself. I have a pilot 20 which i would like to change over ,so far the kits that i have seen especially the Italian ones with a fixed ram appeal to me in price and quality.
BUT the outboard well seems to me to be a bit on the narrow side at 22".
have you had a look about yet?
i also have a Honda 75 hanging on the back.
on You Tube, Dangar Marine shows the fitting of hydraulic steering and the firms that sell the kits also do videos.
good luck

keep in touch.


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Posted by member Mark Brammer on Sunday 11 October 2020

Hi Keith,

Looked at mine and it appears just to be worn and parts that don’t seem to be that expensive. However, I may replace the whole steering system to a hydraulic one. Anybody got any comments or thoughts on that ?

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Posted by member Steve Hogwood on Wednesday 7 October 2020

If it was a car with that amount of free play it would not be safe, I could not imagine manoeuvring was easy if you had to go from lock to lock quickly and also keeping it straight on a river.
Just my 2p worth
Not my cup of tea.

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Posted by member Keith Lathwell on Thursday 1 October 2020

thanks for your response, perhaps the free play is a characteristic of the clutch system!

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Posted by member Mark Brammer on Thursday 1 October 2020


I have recently purchased a pilot 20 with a 100hp Yamaha and has the same steering system, it has the same issue in and out of gear, but mine banks to port when coming off the plane. Just brought the boat out of the water but not had time to look at yet.

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Posted by member Keith Lathwell on Thursday 1 October 2020

I have a 2013 hardy bosun fitted with a 75hp Honda outboard and teleflex nfb 3 turn steering. All accessible parts of the steering are in very good condition. There is 30 degrees of free play when helm alterations are applied before the clutch engages and the cable is pulled/pushed. Question is whether this free play is normal? Steering is otherwise good.

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