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Posted by member Marie O'Connell on Saturday 5 September 2020

Ahoy Everyone

I wanted to let you all know that the next issue of the Hardy Owner magazine will be with you as soon as we are able to complete the print run. We needed to hold fire because of the press embargo placed on the Hardy Marine purchase.

Also, just to answer a question raised by one of our members in an email to me about the Norfolk situation, the employees left behind, and the old Yard itself.

Many employees in Norfolk have moved to Oyster Yachts so they could remain in the area, and the whole Yard, including equipment and craft currently in build have been transferred down to Cornwall. A massive operation. In view of the unfortunate fact that Hardy Marine had to go into administration at all, I think this was the most positive outcome all things considered.

Marie O’Connell
HOC Editor

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