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Posted by member jon on Wednesday 26 August 2020

* Early 42 boats had 2 doors and this is a photo of the arrangement on mine. The right hand door is to the small cabin, the left is to the forward cabin. We have had ours for some 18 years but never used the door, as the small cabin is the workroom! Enjoy your new Hardy

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Posted by member Robert Ryan on Wednesday 26 August 2020

Dear Hardy owners - this year we took ownership of a Hardy 42 - and loving our first season.

She was built in 2009, with forecabin and forward heads toilet and shower. The door to the forward heads is inside the forecabin, which can take away some privacy from guests staying on board.

We are investigating installing a second “Day” door into the forward heads , accessible from the galley area , forward of the fridge.

Do HOC members have any advice or experience on the feasibility of this modification to add a second door into the forward heads ? Also, any advice on boat builder to carry out this modification in the west Solent area ?

Thanks very much,

Robert Ryan

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