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Posted by member Caroline Munro on Friday 26 March 2021

Hi all,
Thank you for the tips, we may attempt this in the summer and sounds a good idea to do it at the same time as replacing the window seals!
We are doing the wheelhouse of our pilot 20 (is that the correct phrase?) It's also the cooking bit and dining room.. with white foam backed vinyl.

Do you have blinds or curtains for privacy in that area? It's the only area to stand and get changed!

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Posted by member Steve Hogwood on Friday 26 June 2020

Thanks everybody, I now have a good selection of ideas and start work next winter,having now cleaned inside and Febreezed the materials,it will suffice until then.

Thanks again,

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Posted by member Peter stockley on Wednesday 17 June 2020

I understand that it is called basketweave , which looks nicer than van lining, and can be found on ebay etc.
Peter Stockley

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Posted by member michael barlow on Wednesday 17 June 2020

I've just redone my interior using vinyl and glue from hawkehouse, along with new windows it's transformed the cabin.

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Posted by member Richard Harrison on Sunday 14 June 2020

I have recently refitted the whole of the cabin lining of my Pilot. The original lining was an open weave fabric which had discoloured and deteriorated badly. I think this type of material has been superseded in the intervening thirty years by more durable materials which are much easier to fit.

I stripped the interior completely and replaced the sidewalls with “van lining”, available on ebay in a variety of colours. This has an attractive, felted appearance and is a breeze to fit, using spray adhesive, as it’s stretchable and very easy to fit round the contours of the hull. I removed the windows and rubber surrounds in order to get a neat fitting around the apertures.

For the head lining and hatch I used foam-backed perforated vinyl fabric (ebay again) using spray adhesive to secure to the plywood backing panels which are held up by only a few screws. Van lining would have been just as satisfactory but I preferred a contrasting texture.

The whole job requires only basic diy skills, took less than two days and provides a crisp, clean look.

I would be happy to provide more details if of interest.


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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Thursday 11 June 2020

Hi Steve,

If you could cut a small piece off an area which is not discoloured, I can see if one of my material suppliers can still source the material or a close match. If you send it to my business address.
J-Star Marine Services
Foundry Yard
Hall Lane
Walton on the Naze
Essex CO14 8HW.
I will see what can be sorted.


Simon Papendick

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Posted by member Steve Hogwood on Thursday 11 June 2020

Thanks Tony and Simon, it’s the interior sidewall lining and cabin hatch I intend to replace.

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Wednesday 10 June 2020

Hi Steve,
Which material are you wishing to renew in your Hardy Pilot.
Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine employee 1983 to 1990.

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Posted by member Anthony Weald on Wednesday 10 June 2020

Hi Steve, I'm sure fellow Hardy owners will be pleased to help!
Maybe a bit more info/photos on the location/material of the trim you need to replace? Not familiar with the Pilot myself..
All the best, Tony

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Posted by member Steve Hogwood on Tuesday 9 June 2020

Hi doesn’t anybody know ?

Must be classified 🤫


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Posted by member Steve Hogwood on Sunday 7 June 2020

I need to replace the interior trim on a Hardy pilot, Does anyone know what its called and where I can get it ?

Steve Hogwood.

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