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Posted by member Keith Lathwell on Thursday 18 June 2020

there is a general tendency for an outboard powered boat to veer one way or the other due to poor engine trim. With a right hand prop. if the engine is trimmed in too much the boat will tend to veer to Stbd. If the engine is trimmed out too much the boat will tend to veer to Port. Some experimentation to find the correct trim is worthwhile before making mods.
Rgds Keith

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Posted by member Graham Clay on Wednesday 17 June 2020

We have noticed on our FP20 Lorien that you have to hold the wheel "left hand down" a bit, especially when at speed - maybe due to propwalk? Anyone have similar experience? Would a hydrofin help with this?

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Posted by member joseph Thompson on Tuesday 9 June 2020

I had the first trip in my Pilot 'Puffin' last weekend after fitting the rudder kit, smaller engine '25 HP Bigfoot' so fitted in the down position, previously had a single rudder attachment that although was helpful at low speed the wander was pretty bad to the point where you had to steer like you were in a 50's movie.
Took around an hour to fit hanging over the stern but was pretty straight forwards as essentially all assembled off the engine then sleeved over and tightened. My mooring is very narrow to exit and the different handling at slow speed took some getting used to, engine was also trimmed up as tidal and we were leaving in around .4m of water. On the river handling is massively improved to the point where kids and wife much happier taking over, will hold a straight course for a minute or two with only the smallest adjustments. I moor stern on and have to execute a tight 3 point turn and it was predictable in reverse.
Overall really good value (also looks smarter) so money well spent and the quality of components and fixings looks made to last. Only observation was against a strong tide through Reedham making about 5 mph the bow seemed to sit up more and the passengers needed to be used as Ballast to bring the bow down. May be co-incidence as the tide runs pretty fast through there under the railway bridge and being broads based speed very rarely over 6mph

Regards Joe

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Posted by member Richard Moynan on Tuesday 2 June 2020


I fitted the DRXL with the dual rudder and as we have hydraulic steering we fitted it in the "up" position as recommended.

regards Richard

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Posted by member Richard Moynan on Tuesday 2 June 2020

Although we were not winners of the competitions last autumn, we purchased a kit for our Yam 80 on our Hardy Fisher 20. The Exe estuary can be quite challenging in adverse conditions, so with the various testimonials (and I can be quite sceptical of testimonials) I could see the potential for this kit.
Finally back on the water, I can confirm the claims. There is an impressive improvement in all aspects of handling. She is so much more controllable and responsive at slow speed especially mooring up or going onto a pontoon. The other great improvement is in directional stability when holding course at all speeds. We were tinkering around with the wheel constantly, now you can pretty much set a course and correct within a degree or so at a time - unheard of in previous seasons. Even in the turbulent waters just outside Exmouth dock at certain stages of the tide, you only have to make small reasonable adjustments.
I would say it was a very worthwhile purchase, It will enhance the pleasure and safety of our boat and I am glad we went with our instinct, Steve is very helpful and it was very easy to fit. What more can I say !

regards Richard

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