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Posted by member Rob on Monday 25 May 2020

Hello again Mark
I forgot to say an electric outboard on your tender would be likely to be a short shaft but your Bosun would need a long shaft.
Hope you enjoy your new mooring.

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Posted by member Rob on Sunday 24 May 2020

Hello Mark
The electric outboard may be I'll to get you to.and from your mooring but if your main engine develops a problem, then you may need a petrol powered back up engine. I have had to do 10 miles on my back up engine on the on the non tidal Thames.

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Posted by member Mark Dell on Tuesday 19 May 2020

Thanks Keith yep itís just an idea

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Posted by member keith lewcock on Monday 18 May 2020

Hi Mark. Not sure what boat you have but a Hardy Pilot weighs a ton. Is there a current in the river at his location. I suspect an electric outboard will struggle. You may only want to move your boat out of the way of other boats in a busy location but it is worth a try. A big oar might be helpful!
Regards Keith

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Posted by member Mark Dell on Saturday 16 May 2020

Hi everyone hope lockdown isnít too difficult at least we are allowed to see our boats now!
I am moving to a new marina on the Thames that saves me over £1100 a year in mooring fees, the new location is at a place called Hambleden Marina and I will be on a floating mooring near to an island.
They allow the use of small tenders that they supply and I am planning to get a small electric outboard to toddle back and forth. As I will be only cruising gently on the Thames it made me think that one of these could be used as a temporary outboard on my bracket I have. It would at least be enough to get me out of trouble I think.

What are everyoneís thoughts on this?

Regards Mark

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