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Posted by member Jonathan Wright on Monday 1 June 2020

Club burgees are traditionally flown on the port halyard/spreader. If you don't have a mast then you should fly it from a staff on the bow or top of the wheelhouse. Hope this helps.

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Posted by member Terry Asquith on Saturday 2 May 2020

Thanks Kenny. I've just got a stick with a redundant TV antenna on it and a light. Looks like I'll have to buy a clip on jobby or something.

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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Friday 24 April 2020

* Terry,
Burgee position (photo) on Harvest Moon.

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Posted by member Terry Asquith on Tuesday 21 April 2020

I don'thave a much of a mast but I'm thinking of buying a club burgee and wondering where do other members fly theirs from. As it looks like it is meant to fly from a halyard i'm also wondering how they fly it.

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