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Posted by member Kevin T Robertson on Friday 28 February 2020

Cheers for the information Simon.
That is what I was thinking to do but just wanted to see if there had been something originally. This must of been a source of damp from being new builds?
I have found once removing the headliners and the internal lining that the poprivets for the hatch hinges are leaking and also where the wires for the Navigation lights come in through the cabin. I have sorted both of this now and will wait for the rain to see any other areas. Living in shwtland i will not need to wait long.

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Wednesday 26 February 2020

Hi Kevin,

When they were build they had no seal on the edge of the fore hatch on the cabin roof. However, over the years owners have self adhesive soft foam tape around the edge of the upstand or on the inside of the hatch itself. Both have been done and have worked. If you let me know I may be able to give you advice as to where to look about internal water damage and where it could be coming from.


Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine employee 1983 --1990

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Posted by member Kevin T Robertson on Tuesday 25 February 2020

Could anyone advise me of the normal seal set up for the Fwd Hatch on a 25. Im sure they will be simular on most of the Hardys.
I have just purchesed a 25 and there is no seals and I think it's been the source of all the internal water damage.
Any photos would be very helpful.

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