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Posted by member Jenny on Saturday 18 January 2020

Hi John
Thank you for your reply. Our Hardy is a 2006. Hubby has traced all wiring through and fitted the Garmin (receiver) to the middle front air vent. Blends in perfectly, wiring through ceiling of front berth into adjacent
Heads as you suggested. It works and looks a treat. So all set ready to go! Just need to sort out our Webasco heating system, which appears to have gone on lock out. So next job to take out the ECU and send
Back to manufacturers to reset!!! Happy sailing🛥🛥

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Posted by member John on Friday 10 January 2020

Hi Jenny, welcome to the HOC

I think there would be little point in exploring the front connection. This will only have a plug and socket and no other access, and it would be difficult to connect here anyway.

This cable will probably be connected to the back of the Raymarine display. This connection may be of several types NEMA, Seatalk or Seatalk NG. depending upon boat's age, and although all generally transmit data, they do it in different ways, so it can get complicated.

Your new display may well already have a GPS inside it, many do. Otherwise it could be simpler to obtain a new GPS receiver and connect it to that. It could be placed above the ceiling in the Fwd toilet compartment, no need to drill a hole in the deck. Alternatively there may be an outlet on your Raymarine display device which includes the required GPS output, so you could connect to thi using a suitable plug.

A lot depends on the age of your 36, mine was about 2000 and probably there are not many identical 36's around, all being fitted out differently.

If you have problems with the connection let us know the type of your Raymarine and Garmin units and may be able to help more


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Posted by member Jenny on Friday 10 January 2020

Hi. My hubby is trying to instal a Garmin sat nav, on consul above Raymarine unit.
So that we have independent Radar a Sat Nav screens.
He cannot trace wiring from the Raymarine unit into the front berth and up to the receiver
unit on the front deck. Loathed to take full ceiling down as it seems securely fitted!!
Needs to be able to come from front berth ceiling into adjacent heads?
Can anyone help please!!!

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