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Posted by member Andrew Banks on Monday 5 February 2024

Hi Graham,
I am going down to the boat on Wednesday and will have a closer look and see if mine is the same. I have seen the two nuts but assumed they were holding something up between the panel and the bulkhead but I am probably overthinking this!
Thanks and kind regards,

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Posted by member Graham Clay on Saturday 3 February 2024

On my 20SE, the wiring is likewise behind a panel. There is a light attached to the panel which you need to take care of when opening. There are two nuts behind white covers which hold it on, plus two screws behind more white covers at the top of the panel.
Then you can access the wiring loom (I use the term lightly). There is a fuse box with 12V fuses and a ground block where all the ground returns are commoned up.
Beyond that, as has already been said, your boat is likely to be quite individual!

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Posted by member Andrew Banks on Friday 2 February 2024

HI fellow members, This is an electrical question, but my problem is access to the wiring. I have recently purchased a 1997 Pilot 20 SE which is in need of revision and major tidying up of the 12 volt system. The boat has an MD22 diesel on an outdrive leg, so has several instrument and switch panels around the steering wheel. I would like to access the electrics behind the steering wheel bulkhead, which are covered inside a vinyl clad box in the heads compartment. This box has no obvious screws to enable it to be opened or removed, and it also has something inside which is actually bolted to this rather flimsy feelin enclosure. Does anyone out there know if the enclosure is removable or will I only be able to access the 12 volt wiring by removing the switch panels, gauges etc.
She is a very sound vessel and will be a delight when we have made our improvements!

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments.

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Posted by member Terry ASquith on Saturday 25 September 2021

I have a 24v question. The electrics are a mess but taking a look at our batteries, we have a 12v starter battery for the engine, a 12v battery for the bow thruster and two 12v domestic batteries. These last two are connected together negative to positive to provide 24v. The terminals are the post type for clamps with a secondary threaded post some of these have been used for other connections. By way of electrical items we have -
GPS, Fish finder, VHF radio, Car radio, Trim tabs, Rev counter, Fuel guage/temperature guage, Nav lights, Searchlight, LED cabin lights and a couple of sockets for portable appliances.
These are all 12v via the fuse panel.
The engine is a marinised Mitsubishi fitted to a Volvo outdrive. The outdrive angle is adjustable so I'm wondering if it's the outdrive that is using the 24V supply. If not any suggestions as to what it might be?

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Posted by member Gerald Lewis on Friday 20 December 2019

Hi Roger,
As Keith Lewcock has already commented, you are unlikely to find a factory-standard wiring diagram for your Hardy and, even if you did, I can guarantee that it would not match the unique tangle of wiring that will have evolved over many years behind your instrument panel bulkhead.
I would also endorse Keith's comment that 12V DC rewiring is not as daunting as you might think and I can recommend two books (both published by Adlard Coles) that will help to walk you through what you need to do. The first is 'Electrics Afloat' by Alastair Garrod - which is an easy to follow basic primer for boat owners - and the second is 'Replacing your boat's electrical system' by Mike Westin - a more detailed step-by-step guide to a complete wiring overhaul. Both are still available via Amazon for about £20.00 each - but you can also find cheaper second-hand copies around on e.bay and elsewhere. If you want even more detail, the 'Boatowners illustrated wiring handbook' by Charles Wing (also published by Adlard Coles and about £25.00 if you shop around) will provide it.
Lastly, if you let the HOC membership know a bit more about your boat (type, age and yard location) you may be able to link up with a nearby fellow owner who would be willing to offer some practical advice and assistance.
Good luck !
Gerald Lewis.

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Posted by member Keith Lewcock on Monday 16 December 2019

Hi Roger
I had to rewire my Hardy river Pilot. It looked a mess so I started again. I dont think you will find a wiring diagram as every layout is different but assuming your supply is 12volt this is easier than it looks.
Do you have a fused switch panel/circuit breaker. The 12 volt power supply runs from the batteries to the switch panel. Each of the components, lights, etc. are connected to this. There is probably a simple earth block to which all the items are connected with a single earth cable going back to the battery and completing the circuit. You will need to ensure you have a spare fused switch for the depth sounder etc. or you will need to add a new switch which may require a new circuit from the batteries.
I started by acessing the back of the switch panel and tracking the wiring to each component marking the route and then replacing the wiring and tidying it up. Take photos. However the wiring to my echo sounder is direct from the battery with its own in line fuse but connected back to the batteries through the general earth. Multiple connections to the battery terminals however can be difficult
Worth checking the battery power supply isolation and distribution switches as if it is set up badly you may drain the batteries very quickly. I used Adjustable Self-Adhesive Nylon Cable Ties Cable Clamps with Optional Screw Cord Clamps for Wire Management(50pack). Amazon. Very useful. Hope this helps but I am really not an expert

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Posted by member Robert sneddon on Sunday 15 December 2019

Hi Roger
Welcome to the Hardy family.
I’m no expert but my gps is wired through my boats existing wiring system behind one of the panels. (Live, earth. with its own fuse).
My radio has its own separate designated wiring. ie, if for some reason I lost my electrics but still had battery power the radio will still work. Again fitted with its own fuse.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards

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Posted by member Roger Carter on Tuesday 10 December 2019

* Hi, I have just purchased my first Hardy which has gone straight into winter storage. As I look forwards to getting in the water I have a number of jobs to do including fitting a ship to ship/shore radio and a sat nav/GPS unit. I do have a depth meter and knots meter. Can anyone help me with a wiring diagram, help or advice?
Thanks in advance,
Merry Christmas and a happy boating New Year,


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