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Posted by member Colin on Thursday 29 August 2019

Any comments anyone? Anyone had experience of handling a boat configured like this MS18 in a marina?


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Posted by member Colin on Monday 26 August 2019

Hi, owner confirms the outboard is a single cylinder 4 stroke Mariner 6 HP model, Having done some research on the internet, this outboard may be common with 'Tohatsu' origin? Would I still be able to get a cable linkage/bracket kit for remotes, would anyone know?



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Posted by member Colin on Saturday 24 August 2019

P.S. in addition to the question posed, I would add - The present setup has no remote linkage to the ob and this requires the owner to lean over the stern and operate the ob manually via the tiller arm control - this may well be okay in a swinging mooring but would be totally impractical in a marina/finger pontoon situation where you need to be at the helm.
The ob fitted at present is a 4 stroke of 1988 vintage (it may get replaced for a newer or new Tohatsu ob) but it will have to have throttle and gear change remote cables fitted – is it possible to get some form of ‘universal’ remote linkage kit or are all these things motor specific? I am trying to ascertain the make/model of outboard fitted as the cover is painted black.
How would a MS18 handle with a rudder and fixed outboard in this configuration slow reversing into a marina/finger pontoon - anyone have an idea? I have encountered problems in the past where there is insufficient water passing by the rudder for it to be much use in slow speed manouvering.

Sorry for my ignorance on this!


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Posted by member Colin on Saturday 24 August 2019

Ahoy Guys, our search for a Hardy MS18 continues and I believe we may have found the boat for us but I am faced with a problem I haven’t encountered or considered before.
Firstly – I believe this is aimed at our Club expert Simon but all opinions are welcome! All Hardy MS boats I have encountered for sale so far have had an outboard well inside the transom at the rear of the cockpit, thus, the propeller is situated in front of the rudder – I believe in heavy/choppy or ‘following seas’ that water can come up through the well and into the boat cockpit area, there appears to be a few ways to prevent this – a watertight cover over the OB powerhead or some form of collar under it.
The boat we are considering does not have an outboard well (just a shallow locker) and there is no cutout at the transom of the boat – first I have seen like this.
Personally – I like this idea as the transom and stern of the boat is ‘complete’ and it will prevent any problems as outlined above, the only power apart from the sails is an outboard mounted on a transom bracket on the starboard side of the transom. – would you have any comments/opinions in relation to this?
Secondly -what is the problem (if any) associated with having a 'fixed' transom mounted outboard drive alongside a central rudder in slow speed handling and manouverability within the confines of a marina/finger pontoons?
Thanks in anticipation of your reply!

Col (& Angie)

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