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Posted by member David Freeman on Monday 6 May 2019

* Took the boat out for a test run, hydrofoil does make notable difference, bow down quite a few degrees and onto the plane easier and at lower speed (around 17 knots) so all in all I am pleased with this inexpensive result. I admit trim tabs would be more noticeable and efficient but perhaps look to have them fitted next year.

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Posted by member David Freeman on Tuesday 30 April 2019

Hydrofoil fitted, will share results when I have tested it to the max !

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Posted by member Rob on Tuesday 23 April 2019

* Hello David
I have a Navigator fitted with hydrofoil / doel fins. These were fitted when I purchased it. Yes it will get up on the plane but it may have done do so without them. I get the impression it would get up on the plain at a lower speed if fitted with adjustable trim tabs. I have a 50hp Mariner 4-stroke Bigfoot engine.
There is a lot of debate about them on the other forums which may help you make up your mind. If you do decide to give it a try, there are lots of them on eBay for sale at 18.00. You will need to drill 2 holes each side on the cavitation plate.
The Bosun is a heavier and bigger boat but you do have a bigger engine than me.
Sorry I cannot be of more help.

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Posted by member Robert snedd9n on Tuesday 23 April 2019

Hi David
The only experience I have with hydrofoils was my previous boat which was 17ft.
I thought there was a slight improvement but in my opinion not a lot.
My current Family Pilot is heavier so decided on Bennett hydraulic trim tabs. Best decision I made.
Yes more expensive but certainly worth it.

Good luck with whatever choice you decide to go with.
Kind regards

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Posted by member David Freeman on Friday 5 April 2019

I have a Hardy Bosun with Suzuki DF 70, considering fitting a hydrofoil to give a bit more stability and bow down at speed. Rather than go to the expense of trim tabs (budget a bit tight) thought this may help. Any thoughts or experience on this?
Main use of boat is Chichester harbour , Solent to IOW.
Would appreciate any feed back.

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