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Posted by member Geoff Burrell on Saturday 22 September 2018

Thanks for the info Robert, Iv'e just sent of for some samples from a company called "Clearcut Camper Vans" who say they will send samples for a 1! plus posatage. They also sell the spray adhesive

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Posted by member Robert Sneddon on Thursday 20 September 2018

Hi Geoff
I had the same problem with my Pilot. Should have replace it a couple of years ago as it was pretty poor in places however decided to renew it last year. You can buy various linings from marine upholsterers and I also looked at linings used for the inside of vans, motorhomes etc. In the end I decided to buy some thin lightweight carpeting. I wasn't 100% sure how good the finished look would be but I am delighted with the result. All types of linings had plenty of colours to choose from and I went for a light barley to try and keep to something similar to the original colour. It was fairly easy to fit once the old stuff was removed and the cabin walls cleaned.
I'm sure other members will come along with experience of other materials they have used.
Hope this has helped.

Kind regards

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Posted by member Geoff Burrell on Sunday 16 September 2018

Hello, we are the new owners of a 2001 Hardy Bosun, and would like to obtain some replacement lining for the cabin interior. Its a sort of grey flec stuff that is stuck to the hull, and around the galley area, but is starting to disintigrate!
Thanks in anticipation,

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