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Posted by member derek on Monday 5 July 2021

Joanna, thanks to your advice, I'm just in the process of ordering!
A great help, much appreciated. Regards, Derek

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Posted by member Joanna Bryant on Wednesday 30 June 2021

* Hi we bought a 50W REINFORCED NARROW SEMI-FLEXIBLE SOLAR PANEL WITH A DURABLE ETFE COATING (GERMAN SOLAR CELLS) from https://www.photonicuniverse.com/en/ for our FP

It’s the only one we could find that would fit on the deck and it’s very good keeps our batteries charged as we are on a swinging mooring. They sell the controller and all the accessories you need to fit.
It’s a permanent installation fixed on with sikaflex marine 291i

Here’s a photo to show you where we had it installed

Hope that helps ????


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Posted by member Michael Herridge on Thursday 17 June 2021

You might consider keeping the panel (or smaller panels) moveable and leave it up against the wheel house window best facing the sun when not under way. Keeps things clear. Stored in a stern locker when under way. I do this but mine is only 30cm square and used to keep the battery charged.

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Posted by member derek on Thursday 10 June 2021

Hi Rob, did you source and fit solar panels to your Pilot? I am researching from scratch for mine.

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Posted by member rob mcinnes on Tuesday 9 February 2016

Hi, I am looking to fit a Solar Panel to my Hardy FP, via a charge controller. I already have a 100W on a motorhome and it works well, but I fear this size is a bit large for the Hardy's roof. I am converting the lighting to LED's and apart from that don't use a huge amount of electricity. Maybe a cool box when motoring. Can anybody advise on what size panels they have fitted to an FP? Thank you.

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