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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Saturday 27 April 2019

* Hi David,
Just noticed you hadn't had a reply yet - just tried a quick search which you may have already done, and found this link to a Hynautic (US) Steering Installation and Service Manual that may help?

Seems perhaps targeted more at rudders, but clearly used for outboards as well if installed on your boat. I have hydraulic system, but a Lecombe Schmitt set up, which looks somewhat different, with the hydraulic unit moving up and down a fixed bar/piston, where with yours, the bar/piston moves up and down to turn rudder/engine?

Mine is as attached pic after cables/gaiters were moved for better operation...

Hope helps a little,

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Posted by member David Waugh on Monday 15 April 2019

* Hi all, does anyone know how this hunautic power steering unit connects to a mariner 80 outboard, it's just a round piston like tube, no bracket on the closed end or along it.

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Posted by member Alec on Wednesday 18 November 2009

I would like to replace my cable steering with hydraulic steering on a Family Pilot 20 with 60hp outboard engine 4 stroke. Can you please help with any information on how to do this? Thanks, Alec

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Posted by guest Philj on Wednesday 18 November 2009

Hi Alec, I fitted mine this year on a Family Pilot 20 with a 45hp Honda. Kit from Automarine.biz was 350. Only needs basic hand tools and no real skills. Only thing that needed a bit of adjustment was the cut-outs for the drag link in the well. Took 2 hours to fit and another 2 hours to fiddle about getting the cut-outs sorted. Much better to steer now. regards Phil

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Posted by member Kim Maclean on Sunday 8 April 2007

We have now fitted our new engine and hydraulic steering, no major problems to report. Baystar bullhorn system has been mounted on a mercury 60 4 stroke Bigfoot. We have had to leave the mounting in an unbalanced state as the steering well did not give enough clearance to equal the length of the Sboard side of the mounting rod. I can live with the unbalanced steering in return for a more reliable steering system. The engine tilts no problems, however the engine mounting bolts had to be trimmed slightly to prevent interference with front mount cylinder. Getting the air out the system was no a major hassle if done as prescribed in the instructions. Our boat goes back on the water this weekend and we look forward to a quieter and more economical boating season (previous engine 60vro Johnson 2 stroke) Last job to be done antifouling : (

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Posted by member Kim Maclean on Friday 16 March 2007

Hi Stephen, Thanks for the reply. I had a look at the Hydrive website (Was worth it just to see the rib on the home page... hellish fuel bill Id imagine!) Their 'bull horns' look as if they are built to last. However Im resigned to the Baystar system as Im assured by the supplier that they will fit. My concern is being able to fully tilt the engine as the manufacturer recommends a clearance depth but the hardy engine well, as you will know has a slope to it, so fingers crossed. Will report back after instillation. Kim

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Posted by member Stephen Pickthall on Wednesday 14 March 2007

Kim Sorry but I cannot comment on this make. i have fitted the Hydrive OBkit 1 , with the 210 bullhorn to 2 Pilot se's. You should be able to get a good idea from the manufacturers literature as to what room it needs. Steve

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Posted by member Kim Maclean on Sunday 11 March 2007

Question for Stephen Pickthall have you experience of fitting baystar bull horn (front mount) systems is there enough clearance in the well of a family pilot 20 to fit and tilt the engine fully. hope you or someone can help many thanks Kim MacLean

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Posted by member Ian Moody on Saturday 24 February 2007

I have a lot of play in my steering. has anyone been able to adjust or tighten this up. We have a 25 which wanders around to much for my liking, despite having a course keeper fitted.This helps but i feel less play would improve response.We have a petrol inboard with a 290 outdrive{volvo]

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Posted by member Stephen Pickthall on Saturday 24 February 2007

I have fitted 2 sets of hydraulic steering to the pilots. it is a relatively simple job to do , and care is need as Marwin suggests to make sure that you fully bleeed the system to get all the air out. One other tip , it is adviseable to make a big' ish loop in the hydraulic cables in the engine well, as they do move when the system is been operated. Make sure as well that the cables have a clear run from the wheel through the bulkheads and panels as this movement may and can cause chafing of the pipes. if you try and install the hydraulic pipes without a loop in the engine well , you are almost certainly asking for trouble unless you go the whole hog and use copper pipes to a flexible hose. hope that this helps

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Posted by member Kim Maclean on Friday 19 January 2007

hi,we are also considering installing hydraulic steering. We have looked at the baystar & sea star kits from teleflex has anybody used these in a set up on a hardy family pilot? if so is there any considerations before i part with my cash? many thanks Kim

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Posted by guest Marwin In Norway on Wednesday 27 September 2006

I replaced to hydraulic on my Hardy Regatta 2 years ago. Only problem was to get all the air out of the system. (Important to follow the advice from factory!) After that, it is much easier and smoother stearing. Also a must, if you want to install autopilot....

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Posted by guest Andrew Cross on Tuesday 19 September 2006

Im replacing my cable steering with bay star plus, hydraulic steering kit on my hf20 has anybody else,done this and if so any problems? regards andy cross.

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