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Posted by member John on Saturday 24 July 2021

Since you say displays were ok at the helm but not the flybridge i would suspect a faulty connector. There will be several connectors between these stations for example between the fly bridge and helm, Just plugging and unplugging these a few times may solve this if they are a bit dirty .( With the power OFF) You may need to take off a roof panel, usually held up with power velcro, to gain access. (A small spoon handle in the gap helps)

One of the problems with electricity and the sea air!

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Posted by member Cora Jane Heal on Saturday 24 July 2021

We have an intermittent fault with our twin 450 man engines where the port and starboard alarms go off intermittently.We traveled from Dartmouth to Mylor this week and both alarms were flashing and beeping every few minutes plus the port display dials stopped working on the flybridge but we're perfect from the helm
On the way home the dials worked until the port reported a buss error and the port alarm sounded once I silenced it but then just flashed the whole way back.
She is a 2007 has been serviced regularly and has 680 hrs on the engines, we have taken engine temperatures with a temp gun and neither seem to be miss reporting
We have had pme and another local engineer have a look and nobody can tell us what it could be so wondering if anyone has had similar issues and been able to get it sorted

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