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Posted by member Paul Hart on Thursday 22 July 2021

Thanks Gary , much appreciated . Upon further investigation a previous owner has screwed the canopy to the underside of the coach house ! No wonder I couldn't collapse it ! A busy weekend ahead me thinks

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Posted by member Gary on Wednesday 21 July 2021

Assuming your frame is the same as mine the pain is you need to unscrew the centre bar before you can fold it back. On mine one of the screws went in to the frame from the topside so couldn't get to it with the canopy up ! ( I've changed that now) I find it doesn't fold down very neatly and with that and the hassle of removing the bar I tend to just take the canopy off with the frame up. Sides of frame can be slid forwards slightly to make removing and refitting and tensioning easier.

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Posted by member Paul Hart on Tuesday 20 July 2021

Please excuse the stupid question from a new Navigator owner but is there anywhere I can find instruction on folding the frame on the cockpit cover . Does the frame go forward on to the coach house or aft over the engine Daft question I know but the plethora of zips and ties has confused me ! TIA

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