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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Monday 21 June 2021

Hi David,
I used to work at Hardy Marine during the time your boat was build. If you called me I can explain how the seat is fitted. So if you call me on my works mobile number 07534045729 I can tell you how it is fitted.
Kind Regards
Simon Papendick
J-Star Marine Services

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Posted by member David O’Dell on Saturday 19 June 2021

* Hi Fellow Owners.
I have recently purchased a 19 motor sailor and have found a old fold down seat on board but has no other attachments or fixings to show how it was originally fitted, does anyone have any information for me please to help or drawings or pictures as would like to fit a new seat but the space available is very small to fit a pole support as there is a side locker running up to within 30cm of bulkhead where the helm is and controls where you would want to sit when running on motor power.

PS: The picture shows the seat balanced on a box on top of the side lockers just to show where it would need to be fitted

Many thanks


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