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Posted by member Ray on Saturday 19 June 2021

Thank you for your comments. Mine is the carburettor model, I believe it is the original fitted engine. when I say tired, it just looks tired and shows its age. Now after reflection and making dealer inquiries on the new fuel injected models I think I shall keep it. I service it regularly, it starts first time and runs well and it may carry on doing so for a long time and I think I would miss tinkering with it which you can't really do on the new Efi models unless you have the computerised equipment. Just out of interest has anyone here changed from the carburated Honda 50hp to either the Honda 50/60 efi and was there a noticeable difference and was it worth it?

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Posted by member Michael Herridge on Thursday 17 June 2021

My halfpennyworth...

I am no expert but I thought that the basic Honda outboard design in this range dates from the '90s and has changed little since. I imagine your existing engine is fuel injected?

When you say tired, what are the symptoms? An improvement in fuel consumption is relevant but will only really be noticed if the boat is used a lot.

These things a seriously expensive and you'd be forking out an awful lot of money for a small (if any) gain.

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Posted by member Gary on Monday 14 June 2021

I'm pretty sure you'd notice a 20% power increase. The modern fuel injected engines are more economical and with a more powerful engine having to work less for the same speeds I'm pretty sure a new 60 would be at least as fuel efficient as your current one. If buying brand new you'll have a warranty too.

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Posted by member Ray on Monday 14 June 2021

I have a reliable but a tired 26 year old Honda 50 and was considering purchasing either a new Honda BF50 or the Honda BF60. Are they just as reliable as the old carburettor models and apart from the difference in price, would I notice the extra 10 HP in performance and in fuel consumption.
Has anyone here made the change from 50hp to 60hp and was it worth it? I don't really want to change away from Honda or take on anything more powerful than 60hp.

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