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Posted by member Robert Ryan on Tuesday 1 June 2021

Thanks John - I will give your advice a try early next week, and let you know.


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Posted by member John on Tuesday 1 June 2021

Robert The good news is that the helm instruments are working,
. There are various cable connectors involved in transferring the signals to the bridge. There will be one behind the instrument panel (most likely) possibly several others. All the 42's are different. But a bad connection is a likely and plugging and unplugging (with the power off), would be my starting point.

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Posted by member Robert Ryan on Monday 31 May 2021

Dear Hardy Owners, I have a Hardy 42 (2009) with MAN diesels. while on a cruise on Saturday , the port engine dials/instruments on the flybridge stopped working. The port engine instruments in the saloon helm are still working fine.

Would any owners have suggestions ?

Thanks very much,

Robert Ryan

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