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Posted by member Jim Leahy on Saturday 26 June 2021

I need to replace canvas cover also. I am looking at a flat roof, dome roof light, double glazed, tinted, with no upstand. Looked at Velux but very expensive, some units were fitted at work, supplied by Cox,
www.williaamcox.com. I am following up with them and will keep you posted. Now that I know others may be interested, I will ask for costs associated with them supplying a non standard unit. Outside to outside, my hatch is 700x700 mm, and I think there nearest is 800x800.

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Posted by member Michael Herridge on Thursday 24 June 2021

I would be interested but can't manage the price.

Having said that I can understand why it costs what it might. Low production run, materials, moulds etc.

It is also quite big and the prices of large hatches are somewhat eye watering.

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Posted by member derek on Tuesday 22 June 2021

Having just bought a Family Pilot I got quote excited reading about the Seaglaze cockpit hatch, I checked their website and saw them advertised at £599 incl VAT. I got my head round the cost and decided to go for one. But alas, Seaview now tell me their information is out of date and they are now £700 plus VAT. Alas. I can't get my head around that price!

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Posted by member Hardy Editor on Friday 26 June 2015

Update on the development of a newly designed wheelhouse hatch for the Hardy Family Pilot. Ahoy Everyone, As some of you will know from our email correspondence about this topic over the past few weeks, a lot has been happening at Seaglaze regarding the design and production of our wheelhouse hatches - especially as regards the eventual costs to us. George Linder of Seaglaze contacted me after they had viewed a Hardy Pilot, regarding the discussions he had had with their designers about the shape (curvature) of the GRP roof, and their wish as a company to be able to supply hatches to ‘DIY boaters’ as opposed to professional boatyards. He was concerned about the possible lack of ‘ancillary knowledge, tooling and facilities’, as he put it. It is with this in mind that Seaglaze wish to supply the hatches in such a form that they can cater for the ‘weakest link’ (George apologised for this description) as regards the person doing the installing. To that end they (Seaglaze) want to supply a ‘kit’ of parts that would help solve most fitting issues with each item produced and sent out to us. We have been discussing costs as well, in an attempt to have these hatches produced at as reasonable a price as possible. Quality must of course be paid for, but the hatch must also be cost effective for us (HOC members). Most owners of Pilots (including myself) do pretty much all their own repairs etc already and I would think most of us can cope with the basics. However, I can understand that Seagalze wish to protect themselves and make sure (as best they can) that instructions and other components are clear and simple to use to enable us to receive the quality hatch which we all want, at the right price, and be able to fit it successfully ourselves. This is the most recent email from George (below) – dated 22nd June. Now we must wait and see what happens. I would like to thank you all for your patience with this – we will get there in the end. HOC Editor. Hi Marie, Thanks for all your background work, much appreciated. Our designers are currently working on it at the moment, they are hoping to find the cheapest possible solution. The goal we have set will be to have a physical hatch on our stand at the Southampton Boat Show. That should mean (emphasis on the should!) we will have things ready for your article prior to the show. So, at the moment the ball is in our court and I'll keep you in the loop as to how we get on. Kind Regards, George Linder Sales Manager Seaglaze Marine Windows Ltd.

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