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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Tuesday 15 May 2018

Hi Oxley,

I need to know which type of box you are wishing me to quote on. The fibreglass boxes were made in-house at Hardy Marine and they should still have the mould tool for them, or is it the wooden boxes you wish me to quote for, if so which fridge are you wishing to put in the box and which side are you wishing to use as the fridge locker as on many Hardy 25's the port locker was the one used for the fridge and the starboard locker was used as the battery locker, depended which engine was fitted and wether it was a slow or fast 25.


simon Papendick

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Posted by member Oxley on Tuesday 15 May 2018

Thanks for this.
Please could you quote for 2 boxes and give dimensions so that I can check my fridge etc will fit, thanks james

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Wednesday 9 May 2018

Hi Oxley,

The boxes you are talking about were a moulding we made at Hardy Marine while I worked for Hardy Marine, Early 25's had wooden boxes which were made in house as well. It was the later model's of the 25's that had GRP boxes, Hardy Marine may have some of the boxes in the yard or even the mould tool that made the boxes, it may be worth calling them to ask. At present I am doing a refit on an early model 25 and the owner is asking me to make two wooden boxes to replace the pedestal seat it has at present. So if you wish to have wooden boxes I could make a pair for you.

Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine employee

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Posted by member Oxley on Wednesday 9 May 2018

I have a hardy 25 and would like to install grp boxes to take the navigation seat and the helm seat. I have seen pictures of these utilised with a fridge or storage.
Could anybody tell me where I could buy them or alternatively tell me the dimensions so that I could make my own.
Thanks in advance

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