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Posted by member Clive ffitch on Tuesday 8 May 2018

Hi Frank,

Have you tried CraftInsure? You should not need any survey for a boat under 23ft less than 40 years old, which easily covers your 1986 Hardy 18. Good rates in my experience too.

Hope helps!

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Posted by member Frank Higham on Tuesday 8 May 2018

Thanks very much to Marie and Simon for your replies - let's just hope the insurance Company are as happy with your answers as I am ..... I have an awful feeling they will start talking survey etc.


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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Tuesday 8 May 2018

Hi Frank,
I worked at Hardy Marine during that time. Your boat would have been built to order so the difference between the biuld date and launch dates would be very close. As we did not build many of them to sit around the yard, so as soon as it was ordered it was built and delivered.
Simon Papendick
Former employee of Hardy Marine

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Posted by member Hardy Editor on Tuesday 8 May 2018

Ahoy Frank,

Members can always contact Windboats Hardy Marine and check this with them, as they keep a record of build dates. However, I can tell you from my own records, that your Hardy is listed as 1369 Broadlands Boat Centre - 21/11/86. Build date and launch dates differ slightly, but this is as good a guide as you can get.

All the best,

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Posted by member Frank Higham on Monday 7 May 2018

I have a Hardy 18 M/S with a serial number of 1369. Is there any way I can get a year of manufacture for my insurance company?

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