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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Thursday 5 July 2018

Looks good David, and a great price, well done!

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Posted by member Demelza on Thursday 5 July 2018

* For those of you have been waiting expectantly for my solution to my Hardy 25 cockpit hatch problem. The solution is here - I have had the original canvas and ply cover copied. Cost 80 and done in under 48hrs by local trimmer.


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Posted by member Demelza on Tuesday 29 May 2018

I'm trying to do this at the moment. I first mention it in the thread : Skylight in the hinged-cockpit hatch of a Regatta.

I measured up the hatch to find that the front and back edges are bowed. With the centre being 20mm higher than the ends. I have spoken with one plastics provider who tells me that I can't bend an acrylic (anything thicker than 2mm) through this arc. Not really sure what to do. I currently have, what appears to be original, a canvas cover in a barely usable state.

May be I could either grind the bow level (not sure of the consequences of this) or get a frame fabricated that would level the bow.
Any thought anyone.


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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Friday 25 May 2018


The Hardy 25 used to have a canvas / PVC cover over the hatch fitting as standard - they weren't fitted with hatches Par Se.

Otherwise if still needed, I can measure up and draw a diagram on one of my hatch covers.

Best Regards
HOC Tech Sec.

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Posted by member Mark James on Monday 9 April 2018

Hi Phil,

Just an idea as I doubt you will get an original hatch unless someone has a breaker for spare parts. My Hardy 25 is having repairs and a few upgrades done by Simon Papendick of J-Star Boat Services. He may well be able to copy the original one on my boat for you if you give him a call. He will also come to your mooring if needed. Kind regards. Mark

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Posted by member Sky Pilot on Thursday 29 March 2018

Previous owner of our Hardy 25 replaced the cockpit hatch with a standard double glazed window which now leaks. I would like to replace or restore with original patttern hatch. Does anyone know where I could find such a replacement hatch?
Thank you

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