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Posted by member Jim harwood on Sunday 15 April 2018

* Off at last

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Posted by member Jim harwood on Sunday 15 April 2018

* Mariner 75hp 2stroke being removed for newer replacement

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Posted by member Roger French on Tuesday 10 April 2018

Hi Robert.
Thanks for your response.
As a result of your and other opinions on the reliability and performance of that particular outboard, Allegro will shortly be having a new DF70A to replace the existing Honda as primary motive power. I am now looking forward to the coming season, and hoping the weather is kind to all Hardy boaters.

Kind Regards

Roger French

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Posted by member Robert Sneddon on Saturday 24 March 2018

Hi Roger
I can only comment on my own engine which was fitted to my Hardy Pilot to replace an old Evenrude.
I replaced it 3 years ago with a Suzuki DF 70 which I purchased used from my local boat and engine dealer with 500 hours on the clock.
No complaints whatsoever, really pleased with its reliability and performance. Like you speed was not top of my list but it can really push along if necessary with plenty of grunt to cope with the west coast of Scotland.
It's just been serviced prior to this season at Clyde Outboards and was told the engine is in exceptional condition.
I'm sure others will contribute their opinions regarding the Suzuki and other makes.
Good luck
Kind regards

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Posted by member Roger French on Friday 23 March 2018

I am thinking about replacing the existing outboard engine on my Fisher 20 with a Suzuki DF70A. The present unit is a very well used ten year old Honda 90, but has now reached the point where its replacement has to be seriously considered. The sales literature is wonderful but I would really value the opinion of users of the engine on family boats from the real world.
Although I am moored at Bursledon on the Hamble, the Solent and surrounding water is the area in which I spend most of my time when afloat. Speed is not a high priority, but I am interested in being able to achieve a reasonable cruise to get me to my chosen marks.

Roger French

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