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Posted by member Robert Sneddon on Friday 23 March 2018

Many thanks once again to Simon Papendick for his knowledge and advice.
Twin batteries now fitted and all connected up to Blue Sea 3way switch.
Kind regards

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Posted by member Robert Sneddon on Tuesday 20 March 2018

Hello all.
Finally I have decided to install a second battery in my pilot.
I'm linking them up to a three way switch and it is my intention to install the switch through the side of the starboard locker just in front of the outboard well.
I would like to have the switch almost flush with the side of the locker as any further into the cockpit would foul and impede a removable cover that goes over the fuel tanks in the outboard well.
The hole needs to be 90mm to accommodate the switch coming through from the inside of the locker rather than flush mounted.
Would this 90mm hole be acceptable going through the side panel or is this really not an acceptable practice regarding structural strength etc.
Any advice regarding this would be very welcome.
Kind regards

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