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Posted by member Mark James on Monday 12 March 2018

Dear Simon,

Thank you very much for the information. I will give you a call for more advice about transporting her. Also I will ask you about having some tidying up done on her as well.

Kind regards


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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Monday 12 March 2018

Dear Mr M James,
My name is Simon Papendick and I am a former employee of Hardy Marine from 1983 to 1990 and build a number of the range of Hardy Marine motor boats and motor sailer during my time at Hardy Marine. The model of Hardy 25 that you have brought which as a sail drive is just one of the models we built at the time. When we transported them from the boatyard to the water to we removed the propeller so that the boat could transport at a lower ride height. As for drying out on a half tide mooring they were ok to take the ground as when they lay down over on its chine the leg and propeller were ok. If you wish to take the leg off to transport it it would not be much use as the deep keel is about the same depth as the engine leg and the time and cost of removing the leg which needs to have the gearbox removed from the engine and then the sail drive unit removed.If you have any further questions you can either email me or phone me of my works telephone number 01255475020 or 07585506960

Kind Regards

Simon Papendick
J-Star Boat Services
Former emplyee of Hardy Marine 1983 to 1990

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Posted by member Mark James on Sunday 11 March 2018

* Rear of boat

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Posted by member Mark James on Sunday 11 March 2018

* Engine photo

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Posted by member Mark James on Sunday 11 March 2018

* Good afternoon and thank you for letting me join the Hardy owners club. After years of hiring boats I have finally taken the plunge bought myself a Hardy 25. I was looking at a Hardy 20 but decided the extra space was needed to squeeze the kids onboard sometimes. Being a novice boat owner and having looked at the smaller boats i assumed they all had the power lift on the stern drive (or a normal outboard) so the boat could be grounded when the tide was out. It appears the one I have bought has a saildrive (I donít know the difference yet) and perhaps this does not automatically lift up and this is causing a headache for transport. I need to get the boat from Norfolk down to Bristol around 255 miles by road. On a low loader its a ridiculous £1500 up. I have found a Transporter that can carry boats of this size on a trailer for a reasonable £550 but the saildrive will cause a problem if it does not lift up for both forms of transport as it may hit the road. I am guessing mine is the Hardy 25 river model then as this saildrive wonít be any good if I moor her on the tidal stretch? I donít really mind as mainly cruise the rivers anyway. Can anyone advise if the saildrives do lift up or not as no one seems to know? The outboard is fixed but thatís not a problem to take off and put back. If not what sort of cost would I be looking at to remove the saildrive and get it put back by a local engineer. Or can I get a trailer made specifically to fit her and keep it for the winter shore months? Thank you

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