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Posted by member Demelza on Monday 12 March 2018

I'm planning to do this shortly. I will measure up the hatch and have the piece of acrylic shaped (rounded corners) and drilled by the supplier of the acrylic. I plan to attach with self tapping screws and seal with some type of silicon. This is not full planned yet but that's the outline. Hope that this helps.



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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Saturday 10 March 2018

I used white silicone. It tends to be a bit messy, as you see this through acrylic . Replacing this year as looking faded. I bored holes by hand, Drilling by hand drilll bit tends to bite into acrylic and chip or crack, eventually causing bigger cracks to spread after weathering.

Going to use double sided tape with dome silicone when replacing acrylic panel. Would recommend fixed/machine drill to bore holes. Always allow a bit of clearance for screw fixing holes for any expansion/contraction.


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Posted by member steve Hogwood on Friday 9 March 2018

Hi Kenny thanks again, found the article, did you put any form of sealing between the acrylic and the gel
coat ?

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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Friday 9 March 2018


Search 'Winter storage options' on message board from 2016. I used fixed panel acrylic rather than hinged version.


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Posted by member steve Hogwood on Wednesday 7 March 2018

A while back there was somebody who had done this I thought it was Kenny but I have searched the messages to no avail so if some has done this mod could they please get in touch. It doesn’t have to be a Regatta.

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