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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Tuesday 6 March 2018

Hi Barry,
You may get couple of ideas if you search message board for Ultralight dinghy V standard. Couple of posts with photos of Davit details and DIY version from 2016.

Good luck,

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Posted by member Barry Nevill on Monday 5 March 2018


We have a Hardy Pilot with a Honda 75 outboard, but we also have a 5hp Mariner 2 stroke on a cantilever bracket on the transom.

I am thinking about some sort of outboard engine davit, to be able to transfer the auxiliary engine onto our tender safely.

Has anyone done this, if so how?

Or has anyone got any plans to be able to fabricate something like this.

I am hoping to have something that is de-mountable and foldable so that it can be stored away easily.

Thinking that we could have some sort of mounting tube in our gas locker on the port side. Not sure how to fix it as I am not sure about bolting into the sole.

Any help or ideas would be gratefully received.

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