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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Monday 19 February 2018


You could have a word with Shetland Boats (Suffolk Trimmers), they made a lot of the original Hardy covers and still provide canopies for the Navigator, Pilot etc. I used to have a Suffolk Trimmers canopy on my old navigator - it was heavy PVC, a good fit and tough as old boots.

Most companies like Jeckells of Wroxham should be able to make them.

Best Regards


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Posted by member Christopher Gardner on Monday 19 February 2018

Thanks to all I will see what I can find in Norfolk.

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Posted by member Philip Sanderson on Friday 16 February 2018

Hi Chris, I used Nauticover for my Navigator at the beginning of last season. I can recommend them, the product was well made and fitted fine. I went for the PVC but only because I have a little bit of a seagull problem on my mooring and thought it might wash easier. Cheers. Phil

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Posted by member Robert Sneddon on Thursday 15 February 2018

Hi Chris, material is mainly down to personal choice as there are pros and cons on the various types.
As an example PVC is easy to wipe clean however it can suffer from condensation.
Have a word with your chosen supplier regarding the various materials they use as I find they are very knowledgable. Most can provide samples and the varying costs of each.
If you have someone reasonable close ask if they provide a measuring and fitting service or if it's possible to take your boat to them.
Kind regards

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Posted by member David Malone on Thursday 15 February 2018

Have just ordered mine from Nauticovers for delivery early March, service very good so far, will let you know how the fitting goes. David

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Posted by member Demelza on Thursday 15 February 2018

Hi Chris,
I have just ordered a new cover for my H 25. I decided against Nauticover as a ready made cover would not work for me.

I have gone for a bespoke cover by a local(ish) supplier in Sunbrella Plus. The material was that offered by the supplier. I am happy to go with it. I don't want PVC and as far as I could see most other materials are variations on a theme (i.e. canvas look a likes) I am expecting the measuring up and design to be done shortly. If I recall, the price difference is about 400. That will be covered by design and fitting visits. I need fitting as there is some miss alignment in the support frame along with missing turnbuckle fittings and hooks. The Nauticover option is DIY fitting.

Don't know if that helps but can let you know how this goes. I am not expecting fitting until early April. The boat is just out of the water and will have some work done on it by the boatyard and then by me.
Good luck


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Posted by member Chris Gardner on Wednesday 14 February 2018

Having taken mine off I have deceided I need a new one . Has any one used Nauticover from Cornwall for a new canvas? If so what was the result, were you happy with the product ? Which sort of material did you use, and why ?

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