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Posted by member Philip Coatesworth on Saturday 4 November 2017

Hello. Just wondering if anyone knows the tint of the cockpit gelcoat on a 1988 boat...or how to find out?

Thanks in advance if you can help.


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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Sunday 5 November 2017


Not sure myself.

For your information there are a few previous posts about gel coat. Try searching 'gel coat' on login page.


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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Saturday 11 November 2017

Hi Phil,

I was an employee at Hardy Marine from 1983 to 1990 and as far as I remember the grey gelcoat on the inside of the Hardy 17 was a Scott Bader grey. Sop if you contact Scott Bader They should be able to help you out with the code number and possibly the gelcoat.

Kind Regards

Simon Papendick

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