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Posted by member PETER COX on Wednesday 11 October 2017

Hi all, the tilt and trim Ram has started to leak fluid and sea water has got in. Is it possible to replace the seals only or must the ram also be renewed.
There are no Honda dealers left in Cornwall and the price of a new unit from the states is just crazy.I also understand that I would need a special spanner to remove the seal. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Cornish Pete Cox

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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Thursday 16 November 2017

Hi Peter,

I looked at this on one of our old boats - it seemed a fix was possible - though no easy. I'd be of the mind to take the unit off and take it to a Hydraulic specialist - or a good Indy outboard guy - we have a Jamie - Dartmouth Outboard Clinic - just the sort of chap you need to know for such jobs.

Best Regards

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