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Posted by member Willem on Wednesday 4 October 2017

Hi all,

Looking for a new cooker for my pilot, any recommendations?
Neptune 4500 looks the part.

Thanks for reading


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Posted by member Sydney on Friday 6 October 2017

We have a similar model (10 years old now) and it fits the bill nicely. We live on board for up to three weeks at a time and find we can cook anything easily. I did buy a second shelf so that I can make full use of the oven when it is on. I also have a three tier steamer that cooks all of the veg in one go on the top (thus saving gas) and a skillet, which fries/bakes/roasts anything and goes on the second burner when required but which unfortunately seems to be no longer available. I feel sure there must be something else similar out there.

The grill is limited (going from back to front). This means you need to move toast and for example bacon about to get the full/even cooking range, particularly if you have more than required for one person....... It would be much better going side to side but they may have changed this.

The lighter system works well on the hob but it less relaible on the grill and cooker. I keep a gas lighter to hand to use when I need to use these as it is quicker and means less gas escapes unburnt.

All of the pans etc fit into the cupboard under the cooker. You may need to consider the space you have availalble and what you want to do. I don't for example have a microwave onboard.

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